Anita Cass
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Vital statistics
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Gender Female
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Health 110
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Status Alive
Location School

Overview Edit

Anita Cass is a truck driver.

Anita can be found stood inside the cafeteria near a door beside a job board.


Chapter 1: Securing the shelter
Day: 1
Active Day: 1
Map: School
Party: Yes
Infected: No
Favorites: Chocolate, Deodorant


Stat Level
Survival 3
Mechanical 4
Melee 5
Ranged 2
Science 0
Medical 2
Negotiation 1
Leadership 0
Special abilities

Traits Edit

Relationships Edit

Renee Cass- daugther who studies veterinarian. Doesn't like bringing Renee outside to gather supplies, her daughter doesn't want her mother outside either. She prefers her to stay and be the medic in there base were it's safe.

Alexander - husband who died before the events of Dead State.



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